vrijdag 6 juni 2014

English version of my book is reviewed by Noel Malcolm in the Times Literary Supplement

The extended English translation of my book ("A New History of the Humanities") is reviewed this week in the Times Literary Supplement by sir Noel Malcolm. There is much to say about this review, but I'm of course very honoured to see my book appearing as the lead review in the Times Literary Supplement.

"Those who work in the humanities must sometimes face “intellectual embarrassment that we have no hard-and-fast definition of what the humanities are”. Thus begins the review by Noel Malcolm of “an extraordinarily ambitious undertaking” by the Dutch scholar Rens Bod, who has endeavoured to provide an answer. His book is called A New History of the Humanities but is, in fact, “the first ever history of its kind”. Bod begins some 2,500 years ago with the Sanskrit grammarian Panini, and views his subject as a persistent “search for principles and patterns”, some of which Malcolm sees too, and others not."

Click here for the full review.

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