woensdag 14 mei 2014

The History of the Humanities as a Discipline

From a blogpost by Floris Solleveld:

"The history of the humanities considered as a whole is still a young discipline. While there are well over a hundred institutes and graduate schools in the history of science, or the history and philosophy of science, for example, there is nothing comparable for the humanities. Equally, there is a very little reference to a “history of the sciences and humanities.” In the case of the humanities, the typical pattern has been for the history of each discipline to be written separately by practitioners in that discipline — e.g., the history of linguistics by linguists, the history of philology by philologists, and the history of historiography by historians. As a consequence, the strong interrelations that have existed historically between different branches of the humanities (and between the humanities and the sciences) have been hidden from view, along with the fact that earlier in history these disciplines did not exist as such. [...]"

Read here the full blogpost on 4humanities.org.

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