zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Finally another article on the power of the humanities

Finally another Dutch opinion article on the power of the humanities -- by Willem B. Drees in NRC of January 30. It's somewhat chaotic, but absolutely relevant (and Google-translate does a great job turning it into English).

"Waarom humanities? Omdat er iets te ontdekken valt, kennis. En omdat het nuttig is, voor mens en maatschappij. Omdat we nieuwsgierig zijn en nadenken over de ander en onszelf. Kennis, nut én de eigen aard van mensen – goede redenen om aandacht en middelen te investeren in de humanities."

I can't agree more!

Read the full paper here.

donderdag 29 januari 2015

A detailed review of "A New History of the Humanities"

This very detailed review of my book "A New History of the Humanities" by Oliver Glanz just appeared in Seminary Studies 52(2), pp. 334-339:

"Bod’s work did create a big sensation not only in the academic scene but also in the public and major newspapers in the Netherlands, England, and more generally Western Europe. Not only did he accomplish something that has not been done before, namely, a written history of the humanities, but he also takes a perspective to this enterprise that redefines the role of the humanities especially in relation to the natural sciences. His work will prove to be a milestone for the further development of both the sciences and the humanities."

Click here for the full review.

Click here for all reviews.

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

First Fully Open Access Journal on Humanities Launched by Brill

The first fully open access journal on the humanities has been launched by Brill publishers (Editor-in-Chief: Rens Bod). The journal covers all humanities discplines:*

"Brill Open Humanities (BOH) is a principal outlet for scholarly articles in the humanities. BOH is a peer-reviewed full open access journal and provides a unique platform for theoretical debates and critical analysis. BOH offers a meeting space for international scholars across the humanities, including: archaeology, ancient near east, art and architecture, biblical studies, classical studies, gender studies, history, Jewish studies, media and journalism, language and linguistics, literature studies, music, philology, philosophy, religious studies, Slavic studies, and more."

Click here for more info and the call for papers.

* Except for one meta-discipline: the history of the humanities disciplines, which is covered by this journal published by University of Chicago Press.