dinsdag 23 juni 2015

The Humanities and the Sciences: Separate or United?

In the June issue of Isisthe premier journal on the history of science, Julia Kursell and I have edited a Focus section (open access) on the relation between humanities and science. Other contributing authors are Jeroen Bouterse, Lorraine Daston, Bart Karstens and Glenn Most.

Abstract: "The humanities and the sciences have a strongly connected history, yet their histories continue to be written separately. Although the scope of the history of science has undergone a tremendous broadening during the past few decades, scholars of the history of the humanities and the history of science still seem to belong to two separate cultures that have endured through the past century. This Focus section explores what common ground would enable a study of the histories of the humanities and the sciences to investigate their shared epistemic objects, virtues, values, methods, and practices."

Click here for the full Focus section (open access!)

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