dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Discussion about humanities 3.0 at Center for Creation, Content and Technology

On May 16, Charles van den Heuvel will critically discuss the transition from humanities 2.0 to 3.0 that I announced in my inaugural lecture and in the BMGN special issue on Digital History. Here's the abstract:

"In the BMGN Digital History issue of December 2013 Inger Leemans, Andreas Fickers and Marnix Beyen all questioned Rens Bod’s views on the transition expressed in his oration from “humanities 2.0” ( mainly to be read as the use of pattern recognition with digital tools) to “humanities 3.0” (in which digital methods would be reconciled with hermeneutic methods). Although Bod’s rebuttal : “Who is afraid of Patterns” made clear that the gap between his views and the ones of his reviewers was perhaps not so wide as their provocative titles might suggest, I share the critique that this transition entails more than Bod seems to suggest. One of the reasons why this process might be more complex than expected is that we are dealing with various uncertainties linked to the scale and nature of our data and differences in research practices. In this presentation I want to discuss some visualizations approaching uncertainties from various perspectives. I will plead for the creation of an experimental setting as part of the CHAT initiative in which humanist scholars and computer/information scientists together can test the handling of uncertainties in the digital humanities in a systematic way and create a tool that visualizes them from multiple perspectives."

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