maandag 18 maart 2024

The Polish translation of "World of Patterns" reviewed by Crazy Nauka

Crazy Nauka, the most popular and largest popular science blog in Poland, reviewed (the Polish translation of) my book:

"Rens Bod guides us step by step through the discovery of subsequent patterns, and the great advantage of the book is that it does not focus only on European thought and shows the creation of patterns in different cultures. Because, as the title suggests, this is 'A Global History of Knowledge,' and patterns are what underlie it around the world. 

Here we learn about the application of the Islamic principle of Isnad, which was used to verify facts and messages regarding the life of the Prophet Muhammad and amounted to a careful examination of the coherence of the chain of transmission and its authenticity in the context of religious and historical knowledge. 

There are also very interesting linguistic threads concerning, for example, the earliest linguistic analyzes conducted by the Babylonians, who translated old Sumerian records into their own language in order to maintain the coherence of their culture. 

'World of Patterns' perfectly shows how the sciences and humanities intertwine. And this is just one of the many reasons why I sincerely recommend this book."

Read the full review here.

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