dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Scientific American discusses my book "A New History of the Humanities"

Scientific American writes that, after having seen my book A New History of the Humanities, "the humanities and science share the virtues of empiricism and skepticism". This is a major step for a science journal -- thanks to Michael Shermer. 

“'Thus, abstract reasoning, rationality, empiricism and skepticism are not just virtues of science. They had all been invented by the humanities.' 'Too often humanities scholars believe that they are moving toward science when they use empirical methods,' Bod reflected. 'They are wrong: humanities scholars using empirical methods are returning to their own historical roots in the studia humanitatis of the 15th century, when the empirical approach was first invented.' 

Regardless of which university building scholars inhabit, we are all working toward the same goal of improving our understanding of the true nature of things, and that is the way of both the sciences and the humanities, a scientia humanitatis." 

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